Recruitment Service

For Corporate

We work with corporate to help them find the best talent to fulfil their requirements. Our team of experts works with companies to understand their requirements and come up with accurate job descriptions, and then use our internal and external databases of candidates to find the correct fit for the position based on several metrics, which are developed based on industry best practices.

We also provide corporate headhunting services for executive positions, where we work with professionals working in other companies in similar positions and interested in moving.

Permanent Recruitment 

Time is the one thing everyone wants but no one seems to have. And when you are tasked with recruiting, it can be a full time job finding the right people for permanent employment. Partnering with a recruitment consultant can address your staffing needs, and give you back the gift of time.

Resume Eaters is a well-known name in the recruitment field, where we connect   corporates looking to fulfill positions with individuals looking for opportunities to work. We have a team over a decade of experience in skill set mapping across various industry verticals to ensure that we always find the right fit.

Our team are experts not only in the industries we serve, but also in the professional disciplines we represent. Our recruiters aren’t just out of school; most average more than five years’ experience.

We’re different because we blend the knowledge we’ve gained from our years of experience with innovative recruitment and selection tools developed by our in-house Research and Development centre. This powerful combination enables us to find, evaluate, and place the right candidates, delivering a completely customized strategic staffing solution.

What does this mean for hiring professionals? Quite simply, it means that you’ll be paired with an experienced recruitment specialist with a world of talent at their fingertips, saving you time and connecting you with the most precious commodity of all…great people.

Contact Resume Eaters and let’s discuss how we can help with your talent and recruitment requirements today.

Temporary Staffing  

Resume Eaters understands the requirements of companies in the current market scenario where companies execute projects for specific durations and only want people to work with them for this duration and not as permanent employees.

With our internal and external databases of candidates looking to enter into such agreements, as well as our experience and flexible contract options, we ensure that companies get the best possible staffing arrangement. We conduct thorough background checks to ensure that the candidates provided by us are 100% genuine and are the best possible fit for company requirements.


Temp staffing helps in saving a lot of business resources, time and money and is ideal for companies who constantly work on time and cost saving constraints incurred on permanent hire thereby increasing hiring flexibility.

Flexi staffing is a great option when the company has an immediate need for more employees for current project or when the company has a hiring freeze but has deadlines to meet for their project.

Most of the professionals wish to take up new challenges, enabling them to gain a wide range of experience in a variety of business environments. Through contract assignments, they are able to improve their skills and maximize their resume qualifications.

Contracting also enables better risk management in terms of roll offs and projects ramp down and other unforeseen circumstances.

Contract staffing helps in eliminating payroll accounting and maintain budget controls .Also, eliminating bad press from layoffs during recession.

For Job Seekers :- 

Resume Eaters allows individuals to submit their resumes for open opportunities with various corporate. Our team of experts then evaluate the resume and open opportunities as per job seeker’s requirements to provide the best possible fit and facilitate the process of application to the position.