An invoice will be sent to the Client after commencement of employment of 15 Days. If candidate joins and work for 30 days then the Client is liable to pay the payment under any circumstances to Resumeaters. Resumeaters hereby take the replacement guarantee as per clause no. 5. Client will make the payment as per the payment terms agreed on clause no. A & B whichever is applicable in Recruitment Fees section.

In case the Candidates/ resume sent by Resumeaters Consultancy are already in client’s databank, client will immediately inform to Resumeaters Consultancy. If the said candidate is selected the placement charges will be charged.

A copy of the appointment letter along with a detailed break up of remuneration package will be made available to us within three days of the candidate joining your organization.

If the selected candidate leaves on his/her own accord within 90 days of joining, there will be no fee for appropriate replacement, provided we get information within a 2 days of the candidate leaving the organization.

Should any candidate recommended by us joins your organization within one year from the date of sending the Resumes and/or the first interview; you shall still be required to pay our professional fees, as applicable.

The Terms & Conditions mentioned in the above contract are exclusive to your Organization & are subject to change only on mutual Consent.